About Us

We at tpgspeedtest.net provide you a free TPG speed test tool that helps you to enhance the performance of your internet connection. It tells you whether you have a good internet connection or not. It calculates whether the server you are using is providing good download  and upload speed so that you can carry on your work smoothly and effienctly.

This tool accurately measures the jitter, ping, upload and download speed and is very efficient and compact tool. It’s also very easy to use. Having effiecient internet speed soloves many of the problems in our daily life. It is becasue we are living in world of technology. So, to make your life more and easy, we’ve provided you here an easy tool that provides the best broadband service throughout Australia.

I hope you’ll love to use this tool as it’s made only for your comfort and ease!

If you have any querries or you face any problem then you are alwasy welcome to contact us. We’ll reply you promptly.