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Ookla Speed Test TPG: Very Reliable and Precise

Ookla Speed Test TPG

The Ookla Speed Test (TPG) is a free service that helps you determine how fast your internet connection is. It’s an excellent tool for comparing your connection speed with other users in our community and finding out which Internet Service Provider (ISP) you should use.

This test is available on all mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. To run the Ookla speed test, we’ll need your current Internet Service Provider (ISP) and basic information about your current connection. The more information we have, the better this test will work for you.

Your results of the speed test ookla may vary depending on the number of connected devices in your household, network configuration, and other factors outside our control.

Are Ookla Speed tests Reliable?

Yes, ookla’s speeds are very reliable and accurate as they give precise measures of real-world network performance and coverage. The speed test measures the total capacity of the server connection. It measures the capability of the internet connection and the device efficiently. The most dedicated service of Ookla accurately assesses the internet performance and all four metrics; upload speed, download speed, packet loss, latency, and jitter, as the TPG speed test custom and Telstra speed test does.

Ookla speed tests provide consistent, reliable, accurate results and test experience across all devices. Each speed test ensures an accurate view of network performance and is indifferent to all external factors.

Faster Internet Speed in Australia (Ookla Speed Test)

In Australia, TPG is the largest broadband service, and you can easily check your TPG internet speed by clicking the start button. It will accurately calculate for you the download speed, upload speed, ping (latency), and jitter. Due to such amazing TPG internet speed tests, Australia has faster internet speed.

Ookla Internet Speed test

Fastest Wifi speeds at Australian Airports

In Australia, internet speeds are even faster at the airports, and their free wifi service at the airport is amazingly faster. The Gold Coast Airport’s download and upload speeds are even faster. All the airports in Australia (Perth airport, Brisbane and Melbourne, Denver, and Gold Coast Airport) offer the best download speed over their free wifi as compared to the average wifi speed of 20.77 Mbps in Australia on mobile wifi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an acceptable Internet Speed in Australia by Ookla Speed Test?

In Australia, you have a good internet speed if your download speed is around 25Mbps. The 25Mbps internet speed is good for online gaming, HD streaming, general downloading, and web browsing, etc.

Why is a speed test faster on phones than on laptops?

Internet speed test is generally faster on the phone than on a laptop because a mobile phone catches signal faster. it is because viruses and spyware cause many problems on laptops. The add-on programs also affect your internet speed. Other reasons are programs that are running in the background and hard disk space and condition.

How much data does a speed test use?

If you are doing an Ookla speed test, you’ll lose about 15 Mbps of your data because this test runs for about 15 seconds and then gives the results of the downloaded data.


Thus, Ookla speed tests are highly recommendable to check your download, upload speed, packet loss, latency, and jitter. These tests are very reliable as they give consistent and precise measurements every time we run a speed test. I hope this blog will help you a lot. If you’ve any queries, contact us or give your experience in the comment section below.

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