SPeed Price Index (SPI)

Speed Price Index (SPI): Mobile Data Prices Stack up Globally

Speed Price Index (SPI)

“Speed Price Index (SPI) is a comparison of speed and price in 2,000 cities globally. Due to this, mobile data users make smart decisions about when and to which city or country to connect to. “

Speed Price Index


The major factors that affect the Speed Price Index and due to which all the rankings are made (according to the response in each city) are;

  1. Download Speed (measured in Mbps–megabits per second)
  2. Monthly cost (measured in dollars for post-paid and pre-paid plans)
  3. Cost per GB (calculated by dividing monthly cost by data usage in GB)

Calculating the Score of the Variable

We calculate the score of the variable for the Speed Price Index by the average of two subcategories and by dividing them by 10. It gives us an estimated score out of 10.

Comparison of cities are made on the basis of the following six categories;

  1. Overall rank
  2. Rank globally within the category
  3. The top first country in the category
  4. The top first city ranking globally in that category
  5. In the category global ranking
  6. total cost and country name ranking where 6 is the most expensive whereas 1 is the most inexpensive option.

What does the Speed Price Index Measure?

“For mobile data, the Speed Price Index (SPI) calculates the mobile data that people consume globally, paying 1GB for their mobile data.”

Divide the average monthly cost for 1GB of mobile data of a country by its speed on 3G. it will calculate the SPI.

In Australia, there are two carriers that offer unlimited plans. there are other two countries that charge 120$ per month i.e. 8$ per gigabyte and the overage fee is 160$ per month i.e. 10$ per gigabyte. So, the SPI of this country will be 1.91.

Australia Vs. Other Countries

In the whole world, Australia lies in the top expensive countries that offer high-cost mobile data and its typical contract costs four times or more as compared to the other countries in the world. According to our research, Australians pay more per GB of internet and as results use very fewer data in contrast to many other countries and their people in the world.

Example: Let’s take a rough estimate of data usage comparison between Australia and the UK. A calculation shows that Australian consumers consume about 350MB of mobile data per month, whereas, UK customers use 1GB of mobile data per month.

Australians Pay More for Mobile Data than Other Countries

Australians pay more Speed Price Index than people living in other countries worldwide. At AU$36 (US$27), both countries pay per GB and that can be as high as AU$60(US$43) per GB.

  • In Sweden, customers pay per GB price, US$3.11 or AU$ 4.40.
  • In Japan, mobile data users pay a per GB price of, US$1.30 or AU$1.85.

The biggest reason behind such high prices is that there is very low completion in the market because TPG and Telstra cover all the Australian towers of broadband services. They are so much authentic that they have no need to compete with each other on prices.

There are also the best speed test tools that give you accurate and price measurements of pin, latency, and jitter of your Internet speed. They also help you with an exact calculation of download and upload speed. These speed tests are, TPG Speed Test Tool, TPG Speed Test Custom, Ookla Speed Test TPG

In Australia, the carriers pay very low wholesale prices for bandwidth in contrast to the countries such as Europe and US. As a result, consumers have to pay this cost.

In the future, there will be some relief for the consumers as for the last few years, in the Telco market, there are new entrants that are expanding the market such as Vodafone and Optus. They have gained a place in the market and are sharing the postpaid and prepaid plans. They are settings the things potentially in order to compete in future price wars.

SpeedCheck Speed Price Index for Mobile Data

When you purchase a cellular plan, the Speedcheck SPI is a very important tool and you must consider it. It is because it assists you a lot in purchasing the best value for your buck. When you that how are different countries varying in terms of the pricing of postpaid and prepaid plans and how they rank in data prices and speed, it will be easy for you to find the best plans opt one for you that offers you the perfect balance between speed and price.

Example: If you are living in Australia, but you also want to make international tours, then all you need is to be able to use your service plans there as well. For that, you have to purchase a bundle that has a broad network and covers a majority of the countries so that you can utilize your service indifference to the country you are moving.

there are providers that offer the best multi-country plans and by purchasing them you are free to use data in many countries and you’ll not have to worry about buying packages when you move from one country to another. These are the best plans for tourists who frequently move from one place to another or for entrepreneurs who have different projects to handle in different countries.

Just you have to make sure that the bundle or package you buy has the best speed access to the country or place you are moving to.


In this article, we have discussed how the price and speed of broadband services vary from country to country. The Speed Price Index (SPI) is an essential tool that helps you a lot while purchasing a cellular plan. It gives you the best estimate and balance between the speed and price of a plan. When you want to take international tours, then you should follow the plans that have access to multiple countries.

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