What is the Difference between TPG FTTB and NBN FTTB?

In this article, we will discuss the difference between the TPG FTTB and NBN FTTB.

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Difference between TPG FTTB and NBN FTTB

The TPG FTTB and NBN FTTb are completely different internet providers. However, FTTB and FTTP are the same but have two different definitions and purposes.

Here, in this article, we will elaborate on the difference between both the TPG FTTB and NBN  FTTB. Let’s dive into it!

What is Fibre to the Building (FTTB)?

TPG Fibre to the building (TPG FTTB) is a broadband service with an ultra-fast speed that is delivered using a fiber optic network. In Australia, a very diverse fiber optic network is spread over many metro apartment buildings. It provides a very efficient ultrafast upload and download speed and it delivers a very fast evening speed of 90 Mbps.

TPG FTTB M Bundle offers very high-speed flawless communication at a very low price.

TPG FTTB is delivered mainly by TPG ( and they pass by Telstra and NBN). It is a very awesome service. It directly connects to the TPG’s Massive international and national voice network and internet.

Why choose TPG FTTB? (It’s an amazing Plan)

If you have the opportunity of TPG FTTB in your area, then you do not need to move towards any other plan. just have a look at the amazing TPG FTTB plans and I assure you they will captivate you with their awesome bundles.

Here are some benefits of TPG FTTB;

  • Great Value:

TPG FTTB offers a great value pack in which there is unlimited internet with a superfast download speed (typical evening download speed is 90 Mbps) and included voice service for only $59.99/month.

  • Ultrafast Speed

It provides an ultrafast speed that even at busy times between 7 pm to 11 pm, you can easily watch HD movies and play video games flawlessly without any obstruction. It is only with FTTB  products that you can stream your 4k content on several devices at the same time without any effect on the quality and it will not affect and suffer your buffer anyway.

  • Unlimited Data

TPG FTTB plans amazingly offer unlimited data and thus you can easily watch high-quality videos and HD movies without worrying about data usage and download limits.

  • Flexibility

TPG FTTB offers flexibility in your choice. You are free to choose whether to enjoy TPG FTTB on a lock-in contract or even you can enjoy a free setup that has an 18-monthly contract. TPG is best for both renters and homeowners.

  • TPG FTTB Modems

For the installation of FIbre to the building in your home, you need a Wifi modem having AC Dual Band capacity to give you ultrafast wifi speed and performance on all of your devices.

  • Network Owner

TPG FTTB offers full control over its service quality as it operates and owns world-class, end-to-end, Fibre network infrastructure to provide the best TPG FTTB  service at your building.

  • Easy Installation

TPG FTTB offers faster and easy installation as compared to NBN.

  • TPG SkilledTechnicians

TPG has qualified and skilled technicians and they are responsible for everything from TPG FTTB installation in your home to any fault or claim on your side. There’s no delay in their work due to third parties. they directly contact you and resolve your problem.

Is TPG FTTB affected by the shutdown of the copper network?

No, TPG FTTB  is not affected by the shutdown of the copper network. In the areas, where there is an NBN  connection, copper-based services, including, Landline and ADSL are decommissioned. But for TPG FTTB service, this decommissioning of the copper network is not applied.

What is NBN Fibre to the Building?

In NBN FIbre to the Building, a fixed line is used called a physical line that is run from the NBN Head Office to your building or premises.

It connects the Multi- Dwelling Units (MDU) and large buildings and apartments to the NBN.

An NBN FTTB  connection uses a fiber optic line that runs to a node in the communication room of your building and then the fiber optic network is connected to the building with the copper wires in that building and thus provides internet to each aparment.

NBN Fibre to the Building Installation

NBN Fibre to the Building (NBN FTTB) is installed in the buildings and apartment blocks. If you are living in an apartment and there’s an internet connection like ADSL, then probably you have FTTB  available in your apartment and then you need to update an NBN plan.


Why choose NBN FTTB?

NBN FTTB  is used mainly because we want to connect many similar buildings or apartments to the NBN network. For this purpose, a fiber optic line goes from the building’s communication room, and then by using existing fiber technology in the building each apartment is connected.

In your Buildings’ communication room, a fiber node is like a secure cabinet that allows a secure connection and connects the existing network technology in your building to the NBN access network connection.

NBN FTTB instllation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is FTTB and NBN same?

No, they are different terms, as FTTB  stands for Fibre to the Building and it connects large buildings and the same apartment block to the NBN. While NBN stands for Australia’s National Broadband Network which replaces copper wires with an optical fiber network that is very reliable and delivers high-capacity strong internet.

Is TPG FTTB  better than NBN?

Yes, TPG FTTB  is better than NBN as TPG on-net offers a symmetric speed that is best for business whereas NBN  is an ADSL replacement technology.

Which type of NBN is the fastest?

Among all the NBN connection types, FTTP is the fastest one as it delivers ultrafast internet speeds using fiber optical networks.

Is TPG 5G better than NBN?

TPG 5G offers much faster internet speeds as compared to NBN but it has very limited coverage as compared to NBN.


In this article, we have discussed the difference between the TPG FTTB and NBN FTTB. I hope you’ll find the content useful. If you want to share your experience with us, then drop that in the comment section below. In case, when you are stuck or you have any queries, contact us freely without hesitation.


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